Kaley Flowers is a ceramic artist currently based in Toronto. Inspired by avatars, meme culture and online communities, she attempts to understand the fleeting nature of the Internet through the permanency of ceramic from.  Flowers documents, transforms, and preserves digital ephemera, to better understand our relationship to technology and the virtual spaces between.  Her work is a constant endeavour to comprehend and navigate time in a nonlinear fashion, whether that is through memorializing a viral meme, encapsulating a Bitcoin wallet, or reinventing a Palaeolithic Venus. Currently, organic patterning and natural forms that collide with highly detailed, technological imagery are increasingly informing her work.

Flowers is a graduate of OCAD University and works as an Artist-in-Residence at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.  Her work has been shown internationally and across Canada in galleries such as Hashimoto Contemporary (San Francisco), The Hole (NYC) and the Dunlop Gallery (Regina). In 2019, Flowers attended ACRE Artist Residency (Chicago) and the Picnic Art Festival (Shanghai), and was awarded Juror’s Choice at the Salt Spring National Art Prize (Canada).


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