Kaley Flowers explores ideas of digital culture, online trends, and technology in relation to nature, through a mythology of characters and the creation of “cyber-artifacts”. This practice is the attempt to solidify the fleeting, virtual imagery of our past and present into tangible objects.  Ceramics are an ancient and lasting material, and through the use of traditional craft methods, whether it is a meme, GIF, Bitcoin wallet, avatar or online relic of the past, Flowers can transform these digital objects into physical form.  Within the current climate crises, organic patterning and natural forms that flux and collide with highly detailed technological imagery are increasingly informing her work.      

Flowers is a graduate of OCAD University and works as an Artist-in-Residence at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.  Her work has been shown internationally and across Canada in galleries such as Hashimoto Contemporary (San Francisco), The Hole (NYC) and the Dunlop Gallery (Regina). In 2019, Flowers attended ACRE Artist Residency (Chicago) and the Picnic Art Festival (Shanghai), and was awarded Juror’s Choice at the Salt Spring National Art Prize (Canada).


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